Rep. Kelly Makes the Case for Pro-Growth Tax Reform on TV

Since the unveiling of the unified framework for pro-growth tax reform in September 2017 (which paved the way for the introduction of H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act), Rep. Kelly has taken to the airwaves to make the case for cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code for all Americans. Below is a running compilation of his top national TV appearances.

Countdown to Closing Bell (12/18/17)

Tucker Carlson Tonight (11/16/17)

Countdown to Closing Bell (11/6/17)

America’s News HQ (11/5/17)

After the Bell (11/2/17)

Making Money (11/1/17)

Outnumbered Overtime (10/31/17)

Fox & Friends Weekend (10/29/17)

After the Bell (10/25/17)

Cavuto: Coast to Coast (10/20/17)

Lou Dobbs Tonight (10/4/217)

Bloomberg Markets (9/26/17)

America’s News HQ (9/17/17)