Statement by Rep. Kelly on Shooting in Virginia

Jun 14, 2017

WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) issued the following statement today regarding this morning’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.

“Early this morning, while I was attending mass at St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill, my colleagues in Alexandria came under a targeted attack that has left me saddened, sickened, but also grateful that it was not as gruesome as it could have been. I have known my friend Steve Scalise since first coming to Congress and have spent most of the day praying for his full recovery and that of the other innocent victims. The fact that everyone at that field was practicing for a bipartisan baseball game for charity makes this attack all the more tragic and disturbing. Thanks to the heroism of the security officers on the scene, untold lives were saved and a potential massacre was prevented. I wholeheartedly salute them, and all of the Capitol Police, for their daily professionalism and service to our nation. As we move forward as a Congress and a country, I believe it’s time for all Americans to regain perspective about what our democracy should entail. Fueling our politics with the unadulterated hatred we’ve seen in recent months only serves to dehumanize our leaders, denigrate our First Amendment, and endanger our fellow citizens. It’s time to start seeing the best in each other, not only assuming the worst.”