Representative Kelly Announces 2021 PA-16 Congressional App Challenge

Jun 24, 2021

Washington - U.S. Representative Mike Kelly today launched the 16th district's 2021 Congressional App Challenge (CAC) and invites middle and high school students in Western Pennsylvania to participate. The competition is open to all students who meet the eligibility requirements, regardless of coding experience.

"The Congressional App Challenge offers students a chance to showcase their skills in coding by developing a web program or app in a friendly competition with their peers," said Kelly. "I welcome and encourage students with an interest in computer science to participate."

The CAC portal is open and students are encouraged to register online by
September 10th. The app submission deadline is November 1. Students and parents with questions about the program may visit the CAC's official website or contact Representative Kelly's program coordinator Julie Swartfager,


The CAC was created by Congress to spur students to develop STEM and computer-based skills. Careers that require this expertise, such as computer programmers, are in high demand. They are well-paying jobs and a crucial part of the 21st century economy. The CAC encourages students to pursue their interests and develop talent in this field.