Rep. Kelly Statement on Presidential Announcement on DACA

Sep 7, 2017

WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) issued the following statement today regarding the announcement by the Trump administration to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program first ordered by President Obama in 2012.

I share President Trump’s sentiment that children should not be punished for the actions of their parents and that ‘we are a nation of opportunity because we are a nation of laws.’ I also applaud Speaker Ryan’s commitment to upholding Congress’s role as the law-writing body within our government and his readiness to craft legislation that deals with the complex legal, security, and humanitarian aspects of immigration. Unfortunately, we are at this point because our previous president grew impatient with constitutional limits and attempted to unilaterally create new law. That fact remains: despite its best intentions, President Obama’s DACA executive order is unconstitutional. President Trump has now given Congress six months to decide on a policy that will allow the DACA order to come to a responsible end. Going forward, I will be examining all options before determining what Congress should specifically do. As I have stated many times before, the Constitution is not a suggestion. If President Obama had sincerely wanted to create a new immigration law during his tenure, then he should have worked with the legislative branch to do so. Instead, very regrettably, he overstepped his executive authority and created the policy crisis at hand by not following the rule of law.