Rep. Kelly Statement on 12th Anniversary of 9/11

Sep 11, 2013

WASHINGTON — Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) issued the followed statement today in recognition of the 12th anniversary of the al Qaeda terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, as well as the first anniversary of the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“Twelve years ago today, our country was reminded that not even two great oceans can keep freedom permanently safe from the forces of evil. After the terror of that dark morning, we wept together, we mourned together, and we prayed together — as one united nation under God — and then together we reminded the world that Americans are truly the most resilient citizens Earth has ever known. Today, we bow our heads and lower our flags in memory of those we lost and for the families who still miss them dearly. We will never, ever forget those Americans no longer with us, and we will always remember the 21st century ‘day of infamy’ that took them.

“On 9/11, history summoned America to once again answer a call met by generations of heroes before us. The slogan ‘freedom is not free’ acquired new meaning, and with justice firmly on our side, America fought back. Our war against terrorism was begun that very day by courageous citizens in the sky above Pennsylvania, and over the course of a decade, we took the fight to wherever our challenges demanded. It is with pride and gratitude that I’ve watched our noble warriors defend our homeland, liberate millions from tyranny, and ultimately bring our attackers to justice. Those who have fallen will remain in the eternal memory of a thankful nation.

“Of course, today also marks the first anniversary of another attack on the United States by another group of Islamist terrorists against our diplomatic mission in Benghazi. The attack took the lives of four Americans – including our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens – and reminded the civilized world that we are still very much at war with terror. My deepest prayers and condolences continue to be with the families of these brave heroes.”