Rep. Kelly Responds to Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare

Jun 25, 2015 Issues: Health Care

WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) – a member of the House Ways and Means Committee – issued the following statement today in response to the King v. Burwell ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The Affordable Care Act has proved to be unaffordable for millions of Americans, including thousands in Western Pennsylvania. It is forcing premiums and deductibles to rise and quality of medical care and innovation to drop. It is hurting our economy and stifling job creation. Without willful deception by the executive branch, this law would likely have never been passed in the first place. No court ruling can change this reality. Obamacare should still be fully repealed and replaced with a patient-centered alternative that helps the most vulnerable among us without disrupting anyone’s coverage. Unlike Obamacare, real health care reform must be carefully crafted with honesty, transparency, and a firm focus on helping people, not growing government.”

NOTE: Rep. Kelly is a supporter of the American Health Care Reform Act (H.R. 2653), a commonsense, patient-centered alternative to Obamacare introduced on behalf of the Republican Study Committee, of which Rep. Kelly is a steering committee member.