Rep. Kelly Launches House Auto Caucus for 114th Congress at Bipartisan Kick-Off Event

Mar 25, 2015 Issues: Economy and Jobs
Rep. Kelly leads the kick-off event with Caucus co-chair Rep. Marci Kaptur (D-OH)
Rep. Kelly Launches House Auto Caucus for 114th Congress at Bipartisan Kick-Off Event


Kelly is co-chairman of bipartisan group

WASHINGTON — House Automotive Caucus co-chairs Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), vice co-chairs Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) and Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN), and other members of the bipartisan caucus joined leaders from major industry groups yesterday evening at a kick-off event to officially launch the caucus for the 114th Congress.

Statement by Rep. Kelly (R-PA), Co-Chair:

“I’ve been a car guy all my life. My dad was a parts picker in a GM warehouse after World War II, who then began an automobile business that has now spanned three generations. I know what cars mean to our country, to our communities, and to our economy. For the sake of millions of jobs, drivers, and families, our bipartisan caucus will be devoted to making the American automotive industry as strong and vibrant as it can possibly be. Together, my co-chair Rep. Kaptur and I are ready to demonstrate that teamwork can still make a difference in Washington for the good of our entire country. Last night’s kick-off celebration was surely a sign of great success to come.”

Statement by Rep. Kaptur (D-OH), Co-Chair:

“The auto industry is part of everyday life for millions of working families throughout the U.S. We have a responsibility to protect and support this critical industry, which means taking an active role in international diplomacy and the global marketplace. The work before us in this Congress includes fighting for an active role in ongoing trade negotiations to make sure they benefit our auto industry, and driving policy efforts that will position America to lead the world in manufacturing innovation. That is why this Caucus is so important, and I am thrilled to see so many Caucus Members and industry leaders come together around an issue that is so critical for our nation’s working families.”

Statement by Rep. Kildee (D-MI), Vice Co-Chair:

“Michigan is the birthplace of the automotive industry and the state that put the world on wheels. Today, our state produces more vehicles than any other state in the country, and our domestic auto industry supports hundreds of thousands of good-paying manufacturing and supplier jobs. I am excited to be a Vice Chair of the Congressional Auto Caucus and look forward to working with Democrats and Republicans in Congress to promote our automotive industry and its workers, who continue to drive our economy and build world-class automobiles that are sold all around the world.”

Statement by Rep. Fleischmann (R-TN), Vice Co-Chair:

“The auto industry is a vital part of our national economy, employing millions of hardworking Americans throughout the United States. In the third district, we are fortunate to house the nation’s top Volkswagen plant, which created 2,000 new jobs in East Tennessee over the past year. In addition, the booming auto parts industry in our district helps fuel our local community and our national economy. These manufacturers not only produce jobs, but they also promote innovation and competitiveness. As a member of the Auto Caucus, I am working with my colleagues to encourage auto manufacturing and expand this industry. The economic impact of the auto industry is powerful, and we must do all we can to support automakers and their hardworking employees.”

Statement by Mitch Bainwol, CEO of the Auto Alliance:

“It is a great honor to help kick-off the Auto Caucus and welcome everyone to the 114th Congress. The Auto Caucus plays a key role in the exchange of information between the auto industry and policy makers on Capitol Hill. As we continue to achieve greater advancements in safety, technology and fuel economy, it is vital that we educate and work with our friends and colleagues both on and off the Hill.”

Statement by John Bozzella, President & CEO of the Association of Global Automakers:

“The landscape of the U.S. auto industry of 2015 looks vastly different than it did even 10 years ago. We are excited about the reinvigoration of the House Auto Caucus to help tell this story, and look forward to continuing our work together to ensure that we maintain the balance of consumer choice and economic viability.”

NOTE: The U.S. auto industry employs an estimated 7.25 million U.S. workers with 2.44 million automaker jobs, 3.16 million auto supplier jobs and 1.65 million auto dealer jobs. In 2014, manufacturers contributed $2.09 trillion to the U.S. economy, accounting for 12% of U.S. GDP. The auto industry alone accounts for an estimated $950 billion added to the nation’s economy each year.

BACKGROUND: Created in 1983, the House Automotive Caucus has a long history of reaching across the aisle to promote a strong and vibrant American automotive industry. Supported by a diverse group of automotive associations, the Caucus will continue the tradition of working with industry stakeholders to educate Capitol Hill policy makers and advance a legislative agenda that encourages an innovative, competitive, and growing automotive sector. The bipartisan Caucus currently has 59 members.