Rep. Kelly Heralds House Push-back on Imperial Presidency

House to consider legislation co-sponsored by Rep. Kelly to restrain President Obama’s executive action overreach

WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) – a member of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight – issued the statement below today regarding upcoming action by the House of Representatives to curtail the continuing trend by the Obama administration of circumventing the legislative process in order to change existing laws. Legislation to be considered this week includes H.R. 4138, the Executive Needs to Faithfully Observe and Respect Congressional Enactments of (ENFORCE) the Law Act, and H.R. 3973, the Faithful Execution of the Law Act of 2014, both of which are co-sponsored by Rep. Kelly.

A recent 33-page report published by the Office of the House Majority Leader titled, The Imperial Presidency: Implications for Economic Growth & Job Creation, can be read here.

Statement by Rep. Kelly:

“Americans are blessed to live in a country where our rights and liberties are protected by our Constitution, and where our government is limited in power and reach by that same document. That is why this administration’s recent actions have alarmed so many citizens and resemble a severe threat to our nation’s Constitutional framework. The president’s duty – whether politically convenient or not – is to enforce the laws of our land, as written, not as he wishes them to be. Changing existing law without the involvement of Congress goes beyond traditional executive order practices and represents a failure by this president to uphold his Constitutional duty. Worse, such behavior undermines our system of checks and balances so critical to maintaining our lawful form of representative government. This week’s legislation has been crafted for the paramount purpose of securing that system for today and for generations of Americans to come.”

NOTE: On February 12, 2014, Rep. Kelly authored and submitted a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder requesting an explanation of the Constitutional authority under which the Obama administration is carrying out the president’s pledge to use his “pen” and “phone” to “take executive actions and administrative actions” affecting existing laws without congressional involvement. The letter, which can be viewed here, was co-signed by 20 members of Congress. The Justice Department has not yet responded to Rep. Kelly’s request.