Kelly Introduces Bill to Protect Nonprofit Donors from Political Targeting by Washington Bureaucrats

Aug 3, 2021 Issues: Government Oversight and Reform

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) introduced H.R. 4889, the Don't Weaponize the IRS Act, legislation that will prevent the nation's tax collection agency from being used to target Americans because of their political beliefs.

"Americans should be able to donate to causes they believe in without fear of retribution from Washington bureaucrats who have a long, sad history of targeting individuals and organizations because of their political beliefs," said Kelly.

In May 2020, the Trump administration issued a rule that ended the requirement that 501(c)4 organizations report the names and addresses of donors to the IRS on annual tax returns. The rule was implemented to prevent the IRS from revealing donors' private information, which could subject them to harassment by activists. Then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin determined that the information is not necessary for tax administration purposes.

Kelly was joined by every republican member of the House Ways and Means Committee to introduce the bill as the House companion to Indiana Senator Mike Braun's S.1777. The Senate version of the legislation is co-sponsored by 48 Republicans including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.