Kelly Blasts Biden for Shifting Blame on Afghanistan Nightmare

Aug 16, 2021 Issues: Foreign Affairs and Defense

Washington, D.C. - Following President Biden's address to the nation regarding the ongoing catastrophe in Afghanistan, U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) released this statement rebuking the president for shifting blame at a time when leadership is desperately needed:

"President Biden's speech did not address the core cause of what's happening in Afghanistan right now. Many Americans, including me, agreed that we needed to withdraw our troops from this war torn nation. The problem is that he carried out the withdrawal irresponsibly and in a manner that led to the collapse of the Afghan government in a matter of days.

"The president blamed everyone but himself for what occurred, including former President Trump, Afghanistan's political officials, its army, and its people. He then refused to take questions from the press. This is not what leadership looks like."