House of Representatives Passes Bill to Dedicate Funds for Investment in America's Aging Ports and Harbors

Oct 28, 2019 Issues: Economy and Jobs

Washington, D.C. - This evening, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2440, the Full Utilization of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Act, legislation to require that money in the fund be used for its intended purpose: dredging and maintenance of America's aging ports and harbors. Representative Mike Kelly, R-Pa., a co-author of the legislation, issued the following statement after passage of the bill:

“Our nation’s ports and harbors, like the Port of Erie, are supposed to receive funding for dredging and other maintenance from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the revenue in the fund is not being used for that purpose. From the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, our ports are in disrepair. By passing the Full Utilization of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Act today, the House took a giant step toward building 21st century ports and harbors for the 21st century economy. This will help America stay competitive on the world stage and create more opportunity for American workers.”


Representative Kelly is a strong advocate of America's ports and harbors. Recognizing the critical significance of the Port of Erie to western Pennsylvania's economy, he has consistently championed federal funding for dredging and investment in long-delayed renovations and repairs. He is committed to policies that will help reduce the backlog of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers harbor maintenance projects.

H.R. 2440 was based on legislation that Kelly wrote and introduced in 2017: H.R.1908, the Investing In America: Unlocking the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Act.