Global Hope Act of 2019 Passes House of Representatives

Jan 28, 2020 Issues: Foreign Affairs and Defense

Washington, D.C. - On Tuesday, H.R. 5338, the Global Hope Act of 2019, passed the United States House of Representatives. Representative Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), who is a co-sponsor of the bill and supported its passage on the House floor, released the following statement after the vote:

"We have made incredible progress reducing childhood cancer mortality in America. The Global Hope Act will extend that success to developing nations by expanding pediatric medical training, treatments, and technologies to countries that need our help. By leveraging the vast resources of the private sector, we can win the global fight against childhood cancer."


In September 2018, the World Health Organization announced the Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer that aims to reach at least a 60% survival rate for children with cancer by 2030. The Global Hope Act will support this mission and lower the childhood cancer mortality rate in developing countries by:

  • Supporting training for medical personnel and building healthcare infrastructure to diagnose, treat, and care for children with cancer;
  • Leveraging private sector resources to increase availability of cancer medicines and treatment technology;
  • Coordinating with international partners to expand pediatric cancer research; and
  • Ensuring that no money will be diverted from existing global health programs.