2021 Community Development Projects

The rules of the House of Representatives now permit members of Congress to advocate funding for specific community development projects. Part of that process requires public disclosure of the requests I make on behalf of entities within Pennsylvania's 16th district. Here are the ten projects for which I have requested funding this year:

Project: Wastewater Sewage Treatment Plant
Sponsor: City of Corry
Amount: $400,000
Address: 100 South Center Street, Corry, PA 16407
Benefits: The city of Corry's Wastewater Sewage Treatment Plant currently serves Corry and portions of Wayne, Columbus, and Concord Townships.  This project will replace two old generators with a new one generator.  This is the first step in renovating the wastewater sewage system, which is at capacity, failing repeatedly, and causing financial challenges.

Project: Sanitary Sewer Plant
Sponsor: Cranberry Township
Amount: $960,000
Address: 2525 Rochester Road, Suite 400, Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Benefits: In October 2019, Cranberry Township entered into an Inter-Municipal Sewer Treatment Agreement with the Breakneck Creek Regional Authority (BCRA) to complete a new connection that will allow Cranberry Township to decommission the Franklin Acres Pump Station. The new connection will also allow BCRA to treat the sanitary sewage that previously flowed through Franklin Acres Pump Station and treat it at its own Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Project: Computer and Robotics Equipment
Sponsor: Wilmington Area School District
Amount: $50,816
Address: 300 Wood Street, New Wilmington, PA 16142
Benefits: This money would allow the district to implement a computer science curriculum for grades 5, 6 and middle school students.

Project: Dolly Parton Imagination Library
Sponsor: United Way, Titusville Region
Amount: $53,000
Address: 11634 North Perry Road, Titusville, PA 16354
Benefits: The program that would be supported by this funding works to improve literacy among young children by expanding access to books.  Literacy foundation is crucial to brain development for children under five years old and research has shown there is a return on investment. Children that participate in early learning programs have been shown to experience greater educational success and more ambitious career goals.

Project: Presque Isle Bay Harbor Dredging
Sponsor: Perry’s Shipyards
Amount: $500,000
Address: 110 East Dobbins Landing, Erie, PA 16507
Benefits: This money will allow for the dredging of Presque Isle Bay to a depth of 29 feet at the location 75 feet west of Dobbins Landing to meet the Navy requirements to receive a Perry Class Frigate.  The ship's purpose will be for veterans, their families, military veterans, and the general public to use as a place of welcome, education, and information about the Naval and military history of Erie and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Project: Extension of Runway 8
Sponsor: Pittsburgh-Butler Municipal Airport
Amount: $2,000,000
Address: 5811 Southland Drive, Erie, PA 16509
This funding would help complete planning and construction of Runway 8 to increase safety margins and accommodate jet operations. Completing this project would create an estimated 10 new jobs at the airport and the economic development that would result from the expansion would create more in the community.

Project: General aviation apron at Erie International Airport
Sponsor: Erie Regional Airport Authority
Amount: $5,450,000
Address: 4411 West 12th Street, Erie, PA 16505
Benefits: This funding will allow the airport to repair and replace pavement to comply with FAA guidance. This will improve the airport’s ability to serve general aviators and corporate air travelers in the region.

Project: Holland Slip Dockwall
Sponsor: Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority
Amount: $1,400,000
Address: 1 Holland Street, Erie, PA 16507
Benefits: This funding will help address infrastructure failures in the shipyard to ensure safe and immediate water access for vessels.

Project: Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge at Gannon University
Sponsor: Gannon University
Amount: $500,000
Address: 109 University Square, Erie, PA 16541
Benefits: This funding will be used to create a STEM pathway for middle and high school students in the National Youth Cyber Education Program and provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering fields, among other initiatives. These programs will improve workforce development and prepare students for well-paying jobs in fields that need qualified works.

Project: The Corry Area Technology Center and Hub
Sponsor: City of Corry, Corry Redevelopment Authority, and Impact Corry
Amount: $500,000
Address: 4 South Center Street, Corry, PA 16407
Benefits: This project funding will go toward installing high speed broadband infrastructure, a regional cloud system, work-at-home job training, and other technology-related initiatives.  One of the largest challenges facing rural communities and small towns is broadband access and limited technology options. This project aims to address those challenges.