Representative Kelly Hosts Tele-Townhall Meeting

On August 17, Representative Kelly hosted a tele-town hall meeting with constituents from the 3rd District.  Among the topics covered in the call were:

- Jobs Sent Overseas
- The Deb Ceiling
- Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments
- Energy Production in the United States
- Flat Tax

Constituents also answered a number of survey questions:

1. Do you feel our local economy is on the right track or the wrong track?
Right Track - 16%
Wrong Track - 84%

2. Should we aggressively promote Marcellus Shale development to create jobs in Western PA?
Yes - 83%
No - 17%

3. Which causes the most concern?
Jobs and Economic Growth - 45%
Medicare - 11%
Social Security - 36%
Energy and the Environment - 8%