Rep. Kelly Supports Major House Action to Crack Down on IRS

Today Rep. Kelly joined his colleagues in the House of Representatives in taking major action to crack down on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for its unjust overreach and abuse of powers against the American people.

By a bipartisan vote of 228-195, the House passed the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2015 (H.R. 5016). The bill provides annual funding for the Treasury Department, the Judiciary, the Small Business Administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and several other agencies. It includes the following policy provisions:

1) Seriously Reduces IRS funding – H.R. 5016 cuts IRS funding nearly $1.5 billion below last year's level and nearly $3 billion below its request. In total, the bill brings IRS funding below 2003 funding levels.

2) Prevents the IRS from Implementing new 501(c)(4) Regulations – H.R. 5016 prevents the Treasury from using any funds to revise, or finalize any regulation related to 501(c)(4) organizations.

3) Prevents the IRS from Implementing Obamacare – H.R. 5016 prevents the IRS from using any funds to enforce Obamacare’s individual mandate. Moreover, it prevents the IRS from transferring funds from HHS to the IRS for Obamacare uses.

4) Prohibits IRS Targeting – H.R. 5016 prohibits any funds from being used to subject organizations to additional scrutiny based upon ideological beliefs.

5) Protects the First Amendment – H.R. 5016 prohibits the IRS from using any funds to target individuals for exercising their First Amendment rights.

6) Prohibits funding for IRS bonuses – H.R. 5016 prohibits the IRS from awarding any bonuses to its employees unless tax compliance and conduct are given consideration.

7) Prevents Destruction of Records – H.R. 5016 prevents any funding from being used to destroy, deface, or dispose or records, regardless of their form or characteristics, in contravention with the Federal Records Act.

8) Stops Unnecessary Waste – H.R. 5016 prohibits any funding from being used by the IRS to create inappropriate videos and hold frivolous conferences.

9) Protects and Serves Taxpayers – H.R. 5016 requires the IRS to institute and enforce policies that safeguard the confidentiality of taxpayer information and protect taxpayers from identity theft.

10) Improves IRS Accountability – Finally, the bill requires the IRS to establish an employee training program that covers issues such as taxpayers’ rights, ethics, and applying tax law impartially.

It is now up to the Senate to pass and President Obama to sign this crucial legislation. The American people have waited long enough for a permanent end to all IRS threats to their liberty. This bill is a major step toward that must-reach goal.

Read more about the bill here.

Full bill text here.