Rep. Kelly Receives “Guardian of Small Business Award”

Oct 2, 2012
Photo: Rep. Kelly accepts his award from NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner
Rep. Kelly Receives “Guardian of Small Business Award”

Washington, DC — U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (PA-03) received the Guardian of Small Business award from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in recognition of his legislative efforts to promote and support America’s small business owners. NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner called Rep. Kelly a “champion of small business,” counting him among the U.S. Representatives and Senators who “work to promote and protect the right of small business owners to own, operate and grow their business.”

To date, Rep. Kelly has voted in support of dozens of bills that would help small business owners by reducing the burden of regulatory red tape, increasing access to capital, increasing domestic energy development, creating new trade partnerships, and restoring fiscal discipline in Washington.

Rep. Kelly issued the following statement:

“Last week the NFIB released a survey showing that 55 percent of small business owners would not start their business in today’s economic climate. That is an alarming admission by America’s job creators that Washington is making it too hard to start a business and that the economic uncertainty facing all Americans could force start-up companies to sit on the sidelines. That’s the wrong direction for America and our free market enterprise, which relies on the risk-takers, innovators and entrepreneurs to get in the game and invest in America’s economy. Without their participation, we can’t grow and we can’t hire. That’s why I’ve voted time and again in support of small business owners and job creators to make sure that Washington isn’t standing in the way of their success and our nation’s future. As a small business owner, I’m honored to receive this award, and will continue to be a voice for job creators everywhere.”