Rep. Kelly Denounces President Obama’s Unprecedented Overreach on Fox’s “The Kelly File”

Rep. Kelly Denounces President Obama’s Unprecedented Overreach on Fox’s “The Kelly File”


Rep. Kelly discusses his letter to AG Holder seeking Constitutional justification for president’s actions with host Megyn Kelly


WASHINGTON — Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) – a member of the House Way and Means Committee – appeared on “The Kelly File” on Fox News Channel last Friday night to discuss his recent letter to Attorney General Eric Holder seeking a legal defense for President Obama’s pledge to use his “pen” and “phone” to “take executive actions and administrative actions” affecting existing law without congressional involvement. The interview with host Megyn Kelly was part of the episode’s featured theme on the “Presidential Power Grab.” To date, the Justice Department has not yet responded to Rep. Kelly’s letter.

Highlights from interview by Rep. Kelly:

“We’re talking about things that really have deep-seated changes in the way our Constitution was written. We all took the same oath when we came into office: protect and preserve and defend our Constitution.”

“It’s very difficult to get answers from the Department of Justice, especially Attorney General Holder. This is the chief law enforcement officer in the country who doesn't answer subpoenas. The Department of Justice does not hold him accountable when he is in contempt of Congress. And … this is not a Republican issue, by the way — this is a strictly American issue.”

“If we cannot get answers from these folks, definitive answers as to what has given this president the ability to leapfrog and go over the Constitution, and the powers that he has granted to the Constitution — you cannot just change laws.”

“We can do investigations … we can expose, but what we really need are the American people to be outraged by what's going on. The real answer to all of this is an outcry from the public.”

“If we can’t get this back under control, we are at risk of losing everything that this country has been about for several hundred years.”

“I don’t know – long range – where this president is trying to take us. It doesn’t look good to me and it doesn’t look good to members of Congress. It certainly shouldn’t look good to any single American that’s out there.”

“We don’t need a tyrant. We don’t need a King. Do we agree with him [President Obama] on policy? No. But that’s where the heavy discussion takes place. The heavy debate takes place in the Congress.”

“I don’t need to be charmed. I need to be assured that when I come back home, where I live in Pennsylvania, that I can tell people that we did defend the Constitution — we protected it and we preserved it for you.”

“There is a process we work by. This is a government that works for the people. This is not a place where people work for the government.”

“We will not back off. We will continue to investigate and expose."