Kelly votes ‘NO’ on Democrat gun control bills, says they will impede Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans

Feb 28, 2019 Issues: Second Amendment Rights

WASHINGTON – Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) voted against this week’s Democrat gun control proposals, H.R. 8, and H.R. 1112, which would place an undue burden on law-abiding U.S. citizens attempting to purchase firearms.  Supporters of the bills claim they would stop or reduce gun violence, despite that most gun crime is carried out by illegally owned firearms. Kelly released the following statement explaining his votes:

These bills were sold as “universal background checks” that would stop gun violence, but, they would really be a universal annoyance to law-abiding Americans that do not fix the problems Democrats claim to be solving. Those who wish to perpetrate such evil aren't likely to bother going through the proper process to obtain a firearm, and many who have done so have passed federal background checks. Moreover, a significant percentage of gun crime is committed with stolen weapons, and these bills don’t address those realities. These types of laws criminalize lawful gun owners and simply make it harder for Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  I oppose such policies.