IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Rep. Kelly Criticizes ‘Obama Drama’ on FNC’s Fox & Friends

Mar 4, 2013
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Rep. Kelly Criticizes ‘Obama Drama’ on FNC’s Fox & Friends


WASHINGTON, DC — Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) appeared on Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel on Sunday, March 3, 2013, to discuss his thoughts on sequestration and pro-growth tax reform. Below are highlights from the interview:

Rep. Kelly on the lack of presidential leadership:

“This is the Obama drama. Every day, every week, there’s something new. He’s running out of time to blame President Bush so now he’s blaming the Republican Congress.”

“[President Obama] likes running for office, but he doesn’t like running the country.”

Rep. Kelly on looking at sequestration ‘the right way’:

“If I were to say to you, ‘We’re in really tough times, you’re going to have to find a way to cut two and a half cents out of every dollar we spend,’ you’d look at me say, ‘Mike, I thought you said we were in tough times.’”

Rep. Kelly on resolving the sequester going forward:

“We can handle this in a thoughtful way but it takes a thoughtful president who’s thinking about what’s best for the country, and for everybody, and not just campaigning all the time.”

“[President Obama] got his tax hikes. … He got what he wanted, he got his revenue. Now it’s time to move on. Let’s start running the country, Mr. President.”

Rep. Kelly on President Obama’s early focus on the next election:

“You could look at a book-end presidency here: with the first two years, his agenda went through without any opposition; the last two years, we were able to slow him down; these next two years, he’s going to be working to flip the House, so that the last two years of his presidency he can get anything that he wants.”

Rep. Kelly on possibility for tax reform with fellow members of the Ways and Means committee:

“We’re looking at some major tax reform, because we really believe … that we can grow this economy, which needs to be very robust and very dynamic. We can do it through pro-growth tax reform. We can do it. This is a great country with great opportunities.”