Committees and Caucuses

Representative Kelly serves on the following committees/caucuses:

House Committee on Ways and Means

The Committee on Ways and Means is the oldest committee of the United States Congress, and is the chief tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives. The Committee derives a large share of its jurisdiction from Article I, Section VII of the U.S. Constitution which declares, "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives." To read more, click here.

Subcommittee on Tax Policy: The Subcommittee on Tax Policy has primary jurisdiction over detailed examinations of tax-related policy before the Committee on Ways and Means. The jurisdiction of the Subcommittee shall consist of those revenue measures that, from time to time, shall be referred to it specifically by the Chairman of the full Committee.

Subcommittee on Social Security: The jurisdiction of the Subcommittee on Social Security shall include bills and matters referred to the Committee on Ways and Means that relate to the Federal Old-Age, Survivors’ and Disability Insurance System, the Railroad Retirement System, and employment taxes and trust fund operations relating to those systems. More specifically, the jurisdiction of the Subcommittee on Social Security shall include bills and matters involving title II of the Social Security Act and Chapter 22 of the Internal Revenue Code (the Railroad Retirement Tax Act), as well as provisions in title VII and title XI of the Act relating to procedure and administration involving the Old-Age, Survivors’ and Disability Insurance System.

Subcommittee on Trade: The jurisdiction of the Subcommittee on Trade shall include bills and matters referred to the Committee on Ways and Means that relate to customs and customs administration including tariff and import fee structure, classification, valuation of and special rules applying to imports, and special tariff provisions and procedures which relate to customs operation affecting exports and imports; import trade matters, including import impact, industry relief from injurious imports, adjustment assistance and programs to encourage competitive responses to imports, unfair import practices including anti-dumping and countervailing duty provisions, and import policy which relates to dependence on foreign sources of supply; commodity agreements and reciprocal trade agreements including multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations and implementation of agreements involving tariff and non-tariff trade barriers to and distortions of international trade; international rules, organizations and institutional aspects of international trade agreements; budget authorizations for the customs revenue functions of the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and the U.S. Trade Representative; and special trade-related problems involving market access, competitive conditions of specific industries, export policy and promotion, access to materials in short supply, bilateral trade relations including trade with developing countries, operations of multinational corporations, and trade with non-market economies.

Rep. Kelly serves as the co-chairman of the Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition, a bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives from the 18 Northeastern and Midwestern states. To learn more, click here.

Rep. Kelly is a member of the President's Export Council. To learn more, click here.

Representative Kelly is also a member of the following caucuses:

The Pro-Life Caucus

The Congressional Steel Caucus

The Congressional Propane Caucus (founding member)

The Congressional Manufacturing Caucus

The Marcellus Shale Caucus

The House Automotive Caucus (co-chairman)

The Congressional Coal Caucus

The Job Creators Caucus

The Natural Gas Caucus

The House Small Brewers Caucus (co-chairman)

The Sportsman's Caucus

The Congressional Prayer Caucus

The Congressional Caucus on Korea (co-chairman)

The Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth

The Congressional Services Caucus

The Childhood Cancer Caucus (co-chairman)

The Congressional China Caucus

The Congressional Taiwan Caucus

The House Retirement Security Caucus (co-chairman)

The Republican Study Committee